Advantages of a master's diploma at employment

In spite of the fact that is closer to the bachelor degree termination, the majority of students are perplexed, what program to choose, undoubtedly the word "master" in the summary more beautifully and convincingly, than "expert", certainly, looks.

But that there spoke, some employers pay attention to the educational and qualifying level specified in your diploma a little. Such is reality. According to only 20% of graduates of higher education institutions get job in the specialty.

So, at first sight, there is no big difference in what educational and qualifying level of the diploma you will point in the summary to a position, for example, the logistician, if your university specialty – the teacher of history. But if in your plans to find work in the specialty – then unequivocally choose a magistracy.

After all the same teacher of history at comprehensive school with the diploma of the master, has competitive advantage over the teacher with the diploma of the expert. And if to speak about private schools, this advantage turns into the obligatory requirement.

It should be noted also that workers with a master education level often more highly paid, than their specialists colleague or bachelors. The diploma of the master has the weight as well at departure abroad.

Besides, at a choice it is necessary to consider, what grid of educational and qualifying levels is accepted in the country where you plan to begin professional activity. Level "expert" расспостранен on the former Soviet Union. Whereas for work or receiving level of PhD in Europe, the USA and many other countries it is better to receive level of the master.

Anyway, the decision always for you. Only you have the right to solve the questions concerning your future.