To give hope, to save people’s lives, to cure refractory diseases and fight epidemics… At all times and in all nations, the medical profession has been and remains held in high respect, being at the same time an extremely responsible profession. Medical specialists who study abroad have always been highly valued in their native countries, because such a doctor knows not only the medical achievements of his own country, but also brings in the knowledge, skills, and advanced solutions of researchers from other countries.


To plan a manned Mars landing, to build the world’s tallest and strongest building, to invent the perpetuum mobile, and finally to create an artificial intellect… Some may say it is just a fantasy. But actually, scientists predict a scientific breakthrough never seen before in the coming thirty or forty years. It is therefore very important for those who want to take part in this rapid development effort to select an occupation and a place of study. Nothing is impossible for a young and talented engineer.


Specialists who know how to manage financial risks, lead a business out of a crisis, and foresee changes in the market situation are in demand in every country and every company. In the modern world, the profession of economist is among those in greatest demand. Large corporations and international companies, factories, mills, retail chains, governmental establishments, television channels, and world-famous fashion houses need professional economists. These professionals keep their fingers on the pulse of life. No business agreement that is more or less significant is possible without them.


Do you want to become a politician, a famous human rights advocate or a diplomat? Do you want to travel the world and know foreign languages? If so, you need a liberal arts education. Statistics show that most parliamentarians, government officials, and even presidents in the world have a liberal arts education. Philosophers, thinkers, men of letters, and musicians have always been in high respect and demand in every epoch and in every society. Many future lawyers, journalists, translators, and sociologists chose Ukraine as a place of study.