Sport in Ukraine has been worshiped since ancient times. At the times of Kyiv Rus the the world was covered with the fame of invincible warriors, who consider a duty to protect people and the fatherland. Centuries later, Cossacks – brave defenders of independent state – got the same glory.


Like many other sports, hockey in Ukraine is developed on a high level. Maintaining its traditions since the Soviet Union times, whose teams were and are still considered among strongest ones in the world, Ukrainian hockey continues to develop and discover new talents.


Many Ukrainians have gained victories in various areas, including sports, culture, science and industry. European sports, such as football and wrestling, spread to Ukraine at the end of the 19-th century. All of Europe knew of Ivan Piddubny, the Ukrainian Greco-Roman wrestler. Ukrainian sportsmen won many victories serving on the national teams of the USSR in various sports competitions.


Football in Ukraine is among the priorities which are paid a lot of attention. Numerous achievements and trophies won by Ukrainian teams serve to prove it.


Like many other sports, due consideration is given to Ukrainian basketball.