For what purpose receive second higher education? On what specialties? Whether there are age restrictions? What is the time it can be demanded for study? What form of education? Whether the first specialty is important? Whether it is possible to study according to the individual program?


Here to your attention are 10 useful steps which will help you to make choice about profession and receipt in one of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.


Interesting question how to make preparation for examinations of the most effective and to hand over long-awaited session on everything the five.


It is not easy to entrant to orient in variety of educational institutions, the forms of education, offered programs and specialties enough. The problem of a choice remains actual for many.


Ukraine has agreements in force with Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Israel about free movement of citizens of the countries - participants of these agreements without necessity of obtaining visas.


For training in Ukraine the following documents are required...


The migration card is a document which testifies that the student crossed border of Ukraine legally.


To choose future specialty – occupation responsible. Having made the wrong choice, it is possible not only to lose 5 years in study, but also to spoil to itself life. Only imagine that you will need to go every day for unloved work and to be engaged in unloved business. Therefore the choice of a higher educational institution is very important point in your life.


For entry into Ukraine the majority of foreign citizens should receive the visa. All foreigners drive and leave Ukraine through check points on frontier according to international passports and in the presence of the visa if other order of entrance is not established by the legislation of Ukraine.


The exit visa is the special document necessary for departure from the country. As a rule, it stands out to the foreigner if it has no other visa valid for this purpose.