Born in Ukraine

Mikheil Saakashvili - Georgian politician and the statesman. Held a post of the president of Georgia of c on January 25, 2004 till the November 25, 2007, one of leaders «revolutions of roses» as a result of which Edward Shevardnadze was detached from the power.


Igor Sikorsky — the Russian and American aircraft designer, the scientist, the inventor, the philosopher who is a founder first-ever: four-motor plane «Russian hero», passenger plane "Ilya Muromets", transatlantic hydroplane and serial helicopter of the one-screw scheme.


Elmar Magerram Mamedjyarov — the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan since 2004.


Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov — the Soviet scientist, the designer and the organizer of production of space-rocket equipment and the rocket USSR weapon, the founder of practical astronautics.


Names from Ukraine’s cultural sphere are also well known. For instance, the brilliant opera singer Solomiya Krushelnytska conquered the world’s opera stage in the first decade of the 20-th century.


Ukrainian science originated in 10-th to 12-th centuries. The names of scholars of the Kyiv Rus were well known to the medieval Europe. Among them, for instance, was philologist Meletiy Smotrytskiy whose Slovenian Grammar laid the foundation for spelling a great many of Slavic languages. In the 18-th century the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy was a major center of science and scholarship.


Ukraine is a country which has given the world many prominent figures world who proved themselves in different branches of science and technology, culture and art. However, the thorny history Ukraine, i.e. its many years under the rule of other countries and empires, meant that their names were often suppressed or associated with other nations where they achieved glory.


Boxing brothers Vitaliy and Volodymyr Klitschko are perhaps the most famous Ukrainians in the world. Beyond the boxing ring both Klitschkos are loved in their motherland as charming and educated, erudite and intelligent ambassadors who combine sporting excellence with a strong pro democracy stance and support for civil society. We decided to ask Vitaliy Klitschko how he succeeds in combining all his interests and how he sees the future of Ukraine.


Valeriy Lobanovsky. This is an entire epoch in Soviet, Ukrainian and European football. Lobanovsky's football is a discovery that will remain in the history of the world of football forever. Valeriy Lobanovsky was both a remarkable player and an outstanding coach. His legendary corner kick – “a banana kick” – was included in all the textbooks on football.


The name of Mazepa is widely known in the world culture through the immortal art, literature and music of the 18-th and later centuries masters. In the West he has an image of a legendary, almost a fairy-tale figure of a romantic lover and a passionate fighter for freedom. Victor Hugo composed a poem to his honor that had caused quite a ripple among then European literati. Voltaire devoted to him a big part of his essay on Carl XII. And Lord Byron wrote a fantastic poem where he idealized Mazepa as a romantic Prometheus-like hero.