Beliefs and signs Ukraine

Ukrainians – emotional and impressionable people. The soul of each citizen of the country is full of poetry and creativity.

In beliefs and signs ancient vision of Ukrainians of a universe, and also understanding of separate natural phenomena was displayed. There was a close connection of human life with the natural phenomena and consequently it it is total depended on them.

The belief ban, signs ban are the remains of pagan beliefs connected to economic needs. They concern the earth, space stars, fire, a lightning, household goods etc.

For example, the earth in representation of the Ukrainian people was live, it designated the wet nurse, sacred, it swore, her name damned. Ukrainians believed that the earth feels pain, and therefore also the relation to it was respectful:

Do not beat on the ground because with it it is sick.
Do not spit on the earth for not to give birth.

The same relation is demanded also by other objects of pagan cults:

Do not point a finger at the sun therefore will dry out.
With fire do not joke, to water do not trust.
Do not spit in a well - it is necessary to get drunk.
You do not eat over a well therefore frogs will be got.
Do not look in the furnace moustaches so will not grow.

Through ceremonies and cults came to the Ukrainian folklore and attributing of supernatural properties to things of house use. Miniatures of hatchets, hand bells, spoons etc. long since served Ukrainians оберегами, security guards from malicious forces as дежа, the broom, a poker were used in ceremonies, and the mirror, say, was considered as work of evil spirit. Therefore to these things our ancestors felt if not fear, the respect is exact.

In natural signs ideas of the Ukrainian people of the world structure, some cosmological representations, for example are displayed:

Stars are souls human, how many stars in the sky, so many people live on the earth as the star falls - that dies any person.
The sky - a huge cover.
Earth meets with the sky on a doomsday.
The Milky Way shows to birds the road to warm edges.
When the thunder rattles is God a cart goes.
Earth will not thaw, yet will not burst a thunder.

The central character of all Ukrainian beliefs and signs is the person, together with his role in prompt and constantly changing world around.

Folk beliefs and ideas of the world absorbed in themselves all variety of the ideas dominating during different eras, it is possible to consider them as peculiar "museum" where these ideas constantly remain.

• If the cat washes a pad - guests will come.
• If you will get drunk waters after a cat - there will be a cold.
• If the black cat crosses the road, undertake a button, and bad luck you will bypass.
• If you will meet on the road the woman with pailfuls - there will be a good luck, with empty - will not carry.
• If the girl will be bitten by a dog, she will marry soon.
• If the woodpecker hollows a house wall, in this house someone will die.
• How many time прокукует a cuckoo, so many years are released to you to live.
• If in the spring, for the first time having heard a cuckoo, you will have money at yourself - with money you will be also the whole year.
• Nests of a swallow or a stork on a roof foretell happiness and prosperity in the house.
• When chicken will start singing - wait for efforts on an economy.
• When you eat bread, do not leave pieces, because in them your force.
• Be not wiped with someone one towel, it will lead to quarrel.

Beliefs and signs exist in the form of the compressed statements, and also in the form of a legend, the fairy tale, the legend, the bylina etc.