The Bundestag simplified process of recognition of foreign diplomas

Now to the students who have received diplomas of the engineer or the doctor in Ukraine, it is simpler to find a job in Germany in the specialty.

Representatives of German parliament passed the law which simplifies procedure of recognition of diplomas of the students who were trained in Ukraine. The main advantage of new procedure is that it should become uniform for all Germany.

Also the certificate confirming recognition of qualification will act on all territory of the country, received in Ukraine.

Still in different parts of Germany the rules operated, and certificates and diplomas admitted depending on regulations of each of them.

Now even procedure of consideration of the demand about recognition of qualification will be reduced about three months. The passed law contains the list of five hundred professions on which this procedure will extend.

By estimates of the government of Germany, the new law can Ā«facilitate lifeĀ» to about 300 thousand foreigners, including and owners of the Ukrainian diplomas.

Today in the country live about two million foreigners having vocational professional or higher education. However with not all from them work on the specialty.

Representatives of business in Germany also welcome simplification of procedure of recognition of diplomas, pointing to shortage of the qualified labor.