Efficiency of tutoring via Skype

In the world more than 500 000 000 people use Skype for exchange of information, for communication and for remote education. Statistically, the collected Harris Interactive, more than 80 % of Americans study foreign languages through Skype. And here the Gemius company found out that in Europe about 30 % of people study foreign languages with tutors.

About what it speaks? That training with tutors via Skype differs efficiency. It is connected with that Skype - этопрограмма for which it is not necessary to pay. It is very simple to download and establish it on the computer. It is necessary to add that in many countries this program use in the big companies for corporate communication, for the organization of conferences and personnel training.

Besides Skype provides convenient functions for tutors and for pupils. After all except free video calls, messages, possibility of demonstration of a desktop, transfer of various files, this program allows to organize group training and to hold the whole videoconferences and seminars, to organize the multiuser chats.

Moreover, all necessary materials for lessons can be received also via Skype. And in the presence of good earphones it is possible not only to catch well intonations of the tutor (if it is a question of learning of foreign language), but also to rehearse a pronunciation necessary quantity of times.

Thanks to this program, it is possible to find the tutor not only in the city, but also, for example, in the USA or in Europe, being thus in Kiev.

There are some more reasons to be engaged with the tutor distantly. It will be estimated especially by parents. So, be engaged with the tutor on Skype the child can when it:

- it is sick and cannot attend school,
- often skips classes because of diseases and lags behind according to the program,
- does not get on well behind rate of studying of the program at school with the teacher,
- there is a desire to be engaged in some subjects more intensively.

Besides when the child is engaged with the tutor on house Skype, parents can be present on occupation. It allows to estimate a teaching technique, to pay attention to problems of the child, to receive additional recommendations and to track that the child did not pass class in the biassed reasons.

This type of distance learning is good also that releases the teacher and the child from need to go to each other home. It is extremely essential in a winter season or when occupations occur far from the house.