Environmental protection movement

In Ukraine, special attention has always been paid to environmental protection issues. During the times of the USSR, the most powerful organization was the Ukrainian Union for Protection of the Environment (UUPE), as well as the voluntary Brigades for Protection of the Environment. Thanks to those very organizations, the environmental protection movement of modern Ukraine received reliable human resources.

Today, non-governmental public organizations and funds, which act according to current legislation, form the basis of the environmental protection movement in Ukraine. The top priority task of those organizations is to draw society’s attention to issues of protection of the environment with the help of various events: expositions, protest actions, conferences, and information campaigns.

Today, the public environmental protection movement in Ukraine has become consolidated and more professional. Its organizations cooperate with state bodies to reach a certain goal in protecting the environment. About 25 all-Ukrainian public organizations operate in Ukraine, which have branches in different regions of the country, while the number of organizations directed toward protection of the environment total more than 500. They significantly influence the formation of state ecological policy and public opinion in the country.


For more details:

Ministry for Environmental Protection of Ukraine



The largest non-governmental organizations:

Initiative Center to Support Social Action “EDNANNIA” www.ednannia.kiev.ua

All-Ukrainian Ecological League www.ecoleague.net

“Environment-People-Law” www.epl.org.ua

National Ecological Center of Ukraine www.necu.org.ua

“Ukrainian Rivers Network” www.uarivers.net

All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Mama-86” www.mama-86.org.ua

Public organization “Committee for Ecological Salvation of Ukraine” www.eco-ua.org

 All-Ukrainian Charity Organization “Ukrainian Institute of Ecology of Man” www.uiec.org.ua