Exams in higher education institutions - the first or the last

Examination – time to show the skills and abilities to the maximum. Any trifle, and even what you are going to go to answer is important here.

If you are confident in the knowledge, can go to answer the first or third. Certainly, to the first some indulgence as will be probably rendered to the most courageous. Answers of the following entrants will be estimated very captiously and by all means to be compared to the previous answers.

If you are active, sociable, without effort get into gear, easily go on contact, and the unfamiliar situation invigorates you, and since the morning you feel inflow of the forces, the increased intellectual working capacity - can safely go among the first.
If you treat those who hardly accustoms to a new situation, but is able to work with concentration, and sudden difficulties cause aspiration in you to a victory, come into audience closer to the examination middle.

Among the last on examination usually there are those who the day before could not force to come off itself(himself) textbooks and fell asleep only at daybreak. Though it is known that efficiency of "cramming" at night before examination is very small. And even if you overslept almost all examination, it does not mean that it is not necessary to go on it in general: do not refuse the chance of a victory.

Also remember, at those who is self-assured, more chances of success in everything and always!