Features of introductory campaign-2013

In Ukraine introductory campaign of 2013 came to the end. Already now it is possible to speak about its first features.

Many entrants widely used possibility of submission of documents at once in some higher education institutions. Today about 354 000 entrants submitted more than 1 million statements.

According to selection committees of the Kiev higher education institutions most of all arrived statements from exempts. As a result of that to entrants who passed External independent test (EIT), having gathered about 200 points, all the same it was not possible to take the top positions in the general ratings. But transfer in higher education institutions occurs in some stages, At each stage the students who have filed documents in some higher education institutions, choose one of them and полают originals of documents. Respectively, they are excluded from a rating of other higher education institutions, and students who did not pass in first "wave" rise in a rating and receive the invitation to file documents on the second or the subsequent stages of introductory campaign.

Already traditionally this year entrants actively used electronic system of submission of documents. Therefore turns near doors where selection committees work, practically was not. Most of all entrants in higher educational institutions can be seen in the morning - till 12th day. Then the stream falls down.

This year there is no such agiotage as three-four years ago when turn occupied since night, and in the 8th mornings it was possible to appear the 800th.

During this introductory campaign by the greatest popularity at future first-year students such higher educational institutions, as used: Kiev national university of a name of Taras Shevchenko, National aviation university, National technical university of Ukraine "Kiev polytechnical institute".

As to specialties, among youth popularly linguistic direction. "East" languages - Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Persian and Hindi use the greatest popularity. Many entrants consider these directions as very perspective in respect of further employment and career growth.

It is interesting that popularity of such educational directions, as tourism, finance, law, political science, advertizing and public relations increased.