The general rules of reception of foreigners to study in Ukraine

The basic rules of reception of foreign students for study in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Ukraine are established at the state level and strictly caused by the country legislation.

The basic rules of reception of foreign students for study in Ukrainyustanovlena's HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS at the state level also are strictly caused by the country legislation.

Coordination of work of educational institutions of any form of ownership as a whole, and also the aspects concerning enrollment of students which are not citizens of Ukraine, occurs at the highest levels of the power and is supervised by the Ministry of Education and Science, youth and sports of Ukraine.

On the guard of the right of foreign students to get education in Ukraine there is a Law on reception of foreigners and persons without nationality on training in higher educational institutions.

At reception for study, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS are guided by international treaties of Ukraine, nation-wide programs, and also the contracts signed by Higher education institutions with legal entities and individuals.

Action of the specified law does not extend on the foreigners who are constantly living in the territory of Ukraine, and respectively, having the right of receipt in educational institutions on a level with citizens of Ukraine.

At the heart of this law equality of all wishing to get education, and also lies what to accept for study of students the HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS which have obtained the corresponding license have the right only. It, in turn, preserves students against fraud and other inconveniences.

Everything, without restriction, foreign students, irrespective of their race, skin color, political, religious and other convictions, a floor, an ethnic and social origin, a property status, a residence and language, have the right to receiving worthy education in Ukraine.

At receipt foreign students are obliged to present all necessary documents certified according to the legislation of the country where they stood out, and legalizirovanny in accordance with the established procedure. Exceptions can be applied only on the basis of the corresponding points of international treaties of Ukraine.

For timeliness of registration of all documents granting the right to stay of foreign students in the territory of Ukraine, full responsibility bears HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION.

The accounting of all foreign students who have arrived for study to Ukraine, a vedetsyaministerstvo of science and education, youth and sports of Ukraine.