How to Enter a Ukrainian Educational Institution

Ukrainian law grants the right to enter any Ukrainian institution of higher learning to foreign nationals and stateless persons if the selected institution provides educational services to foreigners.

Ukrainian law grants the right to enter any Ukrainian institution of higher learning to foreign nationals and stateless persons if the selected institution provides educational services to foreigners. There are no limitations related to the country of residence, political or religious beliefs, gender, race, language, ethnic or social origin or the like.

Foreigners are admitted to Ukrainian educational institutions on the basis of international agreements with Ukraine, nationwide programs, and contracts between institutions of higher learning and legal entities or individuals. To be able to enroll foreigners as students, a Ukrainian educational institution needs to have a license to provide the relevant educational services.

1. Choose an educational institution that offers training for the qualification of your choice. For this purpose you may go, for example, to section "Universities" in our site. You may also turn for help in choosing an educational institution to the agencies in your country that recruit young people willing to study in Ukraine. If you choose to take advantage of the services provided by such agencies, we still recommend that you contact the chosen educational institution to clarify all admission details. In addition, the educational institution will confirm that there is an appropriate agreement between the agency you have turned to and this institution.

2. You may also ask the educational institution for confirmation of its accreditation and license to provide educational services in the field of your choice, as well as its license to train foreign students. The educational institution is required by applicable Ukrainian law to have these documents.

3. Choose a language of study. Most educational programs for foreigners are offered in Russian or Ukrainian. If you do not speak these languages, you may take a training course at the preparatory department. It will take you a year to learn the chosen language and to know both general vocabulary and professional terminology. In addition, you will also be prepared for the admission. Some educational institution offer training in English as well.

4. Ask a representative of the educational institution to specify the tuition and other potential expenses. The Ukrainian institutions of higher learning charge different tuitions depending on the popularity of the qualification you have chosen, the rating of the educational institution, language of study, and other parameters. The cost of one year of training varies from US $1,500 to $4,500. A training program in a metropolitan university costs significantly more than a similar program in universities, institutes, or academies in regional centers such as Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lviv, Luhansk, and others. A course at the preparatory department costs less, ranging from US $1,000 to $3,000 a year. Tuition usually does not include the cost of food, transportation, medical care, health insurance, and document filing.

5. To obtain a student visa, you need to ask the educational institution of your choice to send you an official invitation. For this purpose, you have to contact the educational institution and provide it with the following personal details: your full name, date of birth, passport number, home address, and place of application for a visa.

6. The admission to an educational institution in Ukraine requires a package of certain documents, which you are advised to prepare in advance before you set off for study, in particular: a copy of the certificate of secondary education with its supplement, a copy of your birth certificate, 6 photos, and proof of insurance. You are also required to present a return ticket with an open date of return, valid for up to one year. In addition, you will need to have a certificate of health and an HIV test certificate, unless other terms are stipulated in international agreements between our two countries. The latter two documents have to be made no earlier than two months before coming to Ukraine. The birth certificate copy, medical certificate, and certificate of secondary education with its supplement are required to be officially verified under the procedure established in your country.

7. Before coming to Ukraine, contact the educational institution that has sent you the invitation to study. In this case, representatives of this educational institution will take care of you, meeting you upon your arrival and preparing for you the documents you will need in Ukraine.

8. The enrollment for the first year of study is based on the results of an interview to test your knowledge of the Russian or Ukrainian language, as well as the core subject of your chosen area of study. After the contract for study is signed, you are a student of this educational institution and you will be issued a student ID card.