How to make abstracts at university

On purpose to raise professional level and to fill up the luggage of knowledge, it is very important to attend various training events and lectures. But that should give particular attention on occupations that training became effective and useful?

Since school years to each pupil impart ability to listen. This valuable advice does not lose an urgency at any vital grade level. Only adult listeners should gain ability to allocate the main thing in speech of the speaker and to keep abstracts and on a lecture course.

There are various techniques of training and giving of knowledge. It is better to listen to some lectures, than to summarize, though there is also a high probability of that the material will quickly be forgotten. In that case it is necessary to work over preservation of useful information of the house, having written down separate important provisions. And still try to learn to combine ability to listen and do abstracts, doing thus records short and clear.

The abstract is necessary for conducting so that there was a place for remarks, questions and notes. For this purpose expediently on one page of a turn of a writing-book to write the text, and another to leave free. On a clean floor on a course of lecture it is possible to do the notes, to write down doubts, conclusions. All this will help to remember a lecture material subsequently.

It is better to allocate the main thought with a color marker. By all means it is necessary to write down and decipher new concepts, terms. It is not necessary to try to write the detailed text as in this case it is easy to miss the main thing. At such making an abstract the sense told is badly perceived, and the main attention concentrates on records.

It is necessary also to learn to allocate from heard the main thing, sense of idea which the lecturer tries to inform, and to summarize – basic provisions and conclusions. Record of lecture should be conducted in a laconic form. It is possible to resort to reductions, using clear to you symbols.

Having analysed, what words in professional subject meet more often, you can make the dictionary of reductions and use them when maintaining the abstract.