If it is necessary for the foreign student to open the visa

For entry into Ukraine the majority of foreign citizens should receive the visa. All foreigners drive and leave Ukraine through check points on frontier according to international passports and in the presence of the visa if other order of entrance is not established by the legislation of Ukraine.

The visa-free regime in Ukraine operates for the following countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. At entry into Ukraine it is enough to citizens of these countries to show the international passport or the all-civil passport.

Also, if term of stay in Ukraine does not exceed 90 days, the visa is not required to citizens of the countries of the European Union, Switzerland, the USA, Canada and Japan.

All categories of visas are made out by diplomatic missions and consular establishments of Ukraine abroad.

The basis for registration of the student's visa is the invitation of the established sample to the training which has been given out by the Ministry of Education, sciences, youth and sports of Ukraine.

The basis for receipt of a visa is the original of the invitation to training and the list which moves in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Ukrainian state center of the international education (under condition of existence in this list of the foreigner). Representatives of the HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION chosen by you will help you to issue these documents. At each higher educational institution having the license for training of foreign students, the centers (departments) for work with foreign students function. They also provide consultations, the help in preparation of a package of documents, obtaining invitations to study.

The invitation confirms that the student is admitted to this educational institution. In it passport data of the student and a full name of educational institution are specified.

It is necessary to provide the received invitation in the Ukrainian embassy to receive the visa which is put down in the passport. As a rule, preparation of the invitation takes about 45 days.

The invitation is valid within 90 days from date of issue, and during this term it is necessary to submit the application to the Ukrainian embassy with a visa request for extradition.

After obtaining the invitation letter, the student should address in embassy of Ukraine in the country and to submit the application on registration of the student's visa. For this purpose it is necessary to provide such documents:

1. The statement filled in a form.
2. 3 photos (60х40 mm).
3. Original of the invitation letter.
4. The medical document (the certificate, the reference) about a state of health.
5. HIV/AIDS test.
6. The document confirming receiving senior secondary education.
7. The official bank document (invoice) confirming payment of cost of training (for the students coming to Ukraine for the first time).

After receipt of a visa and acquisition of tickets, the foreign citizen should send such following information in educational institution:

- date and time a pribytpribytiya to Ukraine;
- what means of transport he / she plans to arrive to Ukraine, and to what city.

In turn employees of educational institution organize a meeting of future student at the airport, railway at railway or bus station.

After arrival in Ukraine the student should register the visa within 72 hours. For registration of visas of foreign entrants the international department of educational institution answers. For this purpose it is necessary to bring the following documents in the international department:

• passport;
• visa;
• 2 photos.

The host (HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION) bears responsibility for timely paperwork on the right of stay of foreign students to territories of the country.