Kyiv-Pechersk (Caves) Lavra Monastery

The Dnieper hills are dominated by the greatest monument of Kyiv, the Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra, built almost a thousand years ago. A complex of churches, masterpieces of architecture by themselves, has been a holy place of worship, second Jerusalem for most Orthodox Christians.

Famous for its catacombs with the saints' relics, Lavra is also called the Monastery of Caves. Kyiv these days is doing much to maintain, restore and in many cases newly construct its medieval architectural treasures. A good example of this activity is a complete renewal of the Lavra’s Dormition Cathedral initially erected in XI c. This architectural masterpiece was blown up during the World War II in 1941, the ancient art and jewelry collections owned by the Monastery damaged and robbed. In the year 2000 the Cathedral was completely rebuilt along with a number of other buildings of the Monastery which are museums now and open its historic treasures to the public.