Mass Media in Ukraine

There are public and private mass media in Ukraine. The share of non-public television and radio broadcasting stands at over 96%. According to data from the Ministry of Statistics of Ukraine, more than 30,000 state registration certificates have been issued to various print media to date. According to estimates by the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, over 5,300 periodical titles are published. With the development of information technologies and the advent of the Internet, many independent Internet publications have appeared.

         The central authority responsible for implementing the state policy in the news and publishing industries is the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine:


National Union of Journalists of Ukraine


News agencies:

National News Agency of Ukraine (Ukrinform)



Ukrainian News


Public television and radio channels:

First National Television Channel

National Radio Company of Ukraine

State Television and Radio Company, World Service


Biggest non-public television and radio channels:

TV Channel “Inter”

TV Channel “Novy” (New)

TV Channel “1+1”

TV Channel “5 Kanal” (Channel 5)

TV Channel “STB”

TV Channel “TRK Ukrayina”

TV Channel “ІCTV”

TV Channel “NTN”

“Gala Radio”

Radio “Europa FM”

Radio “Svoboda” (Freedom)

Radio “Hit FM”

Radio “Era-FM”


Print media:

Newspapers of Ukraine

Magazines of Ukraine

Newspaper “Uryadoviy Kuryer” (Government Messenger)

Newspaper “Holos Ukrayiny” (Voice of Ukraine)

Newspaper “Dzerkalo Tyzhnya” (Weekly Mirror)

Newspaper “Den” (Day)

Newspaper “Po-Ukrayinsky” (Ukrainian)

“Investment Newspaper”

Magazine “Korrespondent” (Reporter)

Newspaper “Kommersant-Ukrayina” (Businessman-Ukraine)

Newspaper “Segodnya” (Today)

Newspaper “24”


Internet media:


Media on the Internet

Ukrayinska Pravda








Public organizations:

Internews-Ukraine, International Public Organization

Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers

International Philanthropic Foundation