Medicine in Ukraine

The history of the Ukrainian medicine began in the XI century AD. Already then at monasteries, temples and church arrivals the shelters rendering all necessary help to those who needed it were created. Three eyelids later in Ukraine there were also first hospitals.

The medical science of Ukraine can be proud of the great scientists who have made a huge contribution to formation of medicine at the international level. So, it is necessary to mention Nikolay Amosov – the innovator and the pioneer in the field of cardiology; the person who became one of the first doctors practising surgical intervention at treatment of heart diseases, and thus impulsed all modern medicine of heart.

Also huge contribution to development of medicine was made by Alexander Bogomolets. It could change idea of mankind of growth and development of tumors in a root, having created the innovative doctrine about tumor and organism interaction. The best medical university of Ukraine which is in Kiev – the Kiev national medical university was called in Alexander Bogomolets name.

In modern Ukraine to medicine development also it is given particular attention in a state policy. The principal organ supervising medicine, the Ministry of health protection of Ukraine is:

Numerous reforms of medical system were in recent years carried out. New medical institutions in large quantities open, the new modern equipment is bought.

In base of state programs of health protection providing the population with high-quality medical services of new generation has very big importance. Newborns, children and students regularly pass all necessary inspections. At universities of Ukraine the separate policlinics and the hospitals are created, capable to accept all needing and to render necessary medical care.