Modern education in Ukraine (novelties for entrants)

At present the higher school of Ukraine totals more than 966 educational institutions I-IV of levels of accreditation. From them 670 — it schools, technical schools, colleges, academies and institutes, and 339 — universities. 82 Ukrainian higher education institutions have the status of the national.

The educational network of the country provides training for more than 387 students on 10 thousand population, totaling as a whole 31,6 thousand students. In higher education institutions of Ukraine teach nearly 90,5 thousand experts, among which — 7, 9 thousand doctors of science and 42,2 thousand candidates for the doctor of science. Among them — 7 thousand professors.

Novelties for entrants

In the conditions of constantly growing competition among higher education institutions more and more attention it is given to involvement of potential students even till receipt. Practically in all educational institutions training special courses for entrants operate. Some of them also suggest them to pass «school of professional self-determination» to avoid mistakes in a choice of future profession.

The special accent becomes on practical value of education. For example, many higher education institutions of Ukraine initially specify, their graduate can apply for what vacancies further.