Plan of the international scientific conferences of 2012

In this section the plan of the international scientific conferences which will be carried out in 2012 in the territory of Ukraine is presented.


29.10.12-Kiev - International scientifically - practical conference «Scientific researches of the present. Release 5»


03.11.12-Kiev - the International correspondence conference «Search of conceptual ways of development of a modern science»
05.11.12-Dnepropetrovsk - the First International scientific conference «Stable development of the enterprises, regions, the countries»
07.11.12-Yalta - Increase of national competitiveness: administrative, social and economic and scientific technological aspects
08.11.12-Dnepropetrovsk - Problems of social and economic development of business
12.11.12-Kiev - the II International scientific conference of students, graduate students and young scientists «Theoretical and applied aspects of cybernetics»
15.11.12-Odessa - in search of the lost reality. A reality problem in a modern humanitarian discourse
15.11.12-Kiev - the International conference of national strategy for TORCH of a complex, Chlamydia trachomatis and a virus of papilloma of the person
16.11.12-Lviv - National financial systems in the conditions of globalization: tendencies and development prospects
20.11.12-Donetsk - Financial and bank management: experience and problems
21.11.12-Dnepropetrovsk - the International scientific conference «Economy, the organization and management of the enterprises in modern economical and legal conditions»
23.11.12-Donetsk - the XII International scientific and practical conference "A condition and taxation problems in the conditions of economic transformations"
23.11.12-Nikolaev - the International scientific and practical conference «The person, society and the state: public and legal aspect»
28.11.12-Kiev - the International scientific conference «Autumn scientific readings - 2012»
29.11.12-Ternopol - Situation and prospects of development of registration and information system in Ukraine
30.11.12-Kharkov - the Global Forum on clinical researches in cardiology (CVCT)
30.11.12-Simferopol - «The American studios»


06.12.12-Vinnytsia - Social and economic aspects of restructuring of regional economy - 2012
06.12.12-Kiev - the IV International conference «Conducting agrobusiness in Ukraine: prospects of 2013».
12.12.12-Lugansk - ІІІ the International scientific and practical conference "Kompyyuternyya a science for information society"
25.12.12-Kiev - International scientifically - practical conference «Scientific results of 2012»