Reception of foreigners on training in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Ukraine

The foreign citizens, wishing to get education in Ukraine, should come on training by the HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION invitation.

The HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, in turn, should have the license for training of foreign citizens, a copy of the certificate on accreditation, and also the document testifying to an annual quota of acceptance of students foreigners.

The foreign citizens driving from the states with a visa regime, should make out the type "D" visa. The similar visa is made out in Embassy of Ukraine abroad.

Foreigners should provide the following documents in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS:

• the questionnaire of the established sample;
• a copy of the document on education and the points got on subject matters;
• the document on absence of HIV infection (if other is not provided by International treaties of Ukraine);
• the medical certificate on a state of health, approved by official body of health protection of the country from which there arrived the foreigner, and given out not later, than in 2 months prior to departure for study to Ukraine;
• the insurance policy about providing emergency medical care (except foreigners, pribylivshy from the countries with which contracts on free providing emergency medical care are signed). The medical insurance policy stands out HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION administration, and is at it;
• birth certificate copy;
• 6 photos;
• the return open ticket of homecoming within one year.

At receipt in postgraduate study and doctoral studies, except listed above documents, foreigners also should provide and other relevant documents in accordance with the established procedure.

In case of need, the documents specified above, should be легализированы in Embassy of Ukraine in the country of accommodation of the foreigner (if other is not provided by international treaties of Ukraine).

Registration of the passport of the foreigner who has arrived to Ukraine for education, is carried out in law-enforcement bodies on the basis of the written petition of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. The petition moves in law-enforcement bodies no later than the 3rd working days, beginning from date of giving by the foreign citizen of the passport for registration in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION.

Higher educational establishment bears full responsibility for timely paperwork on stay of foreign citizens in Ukraine.