Religions in Ukraine

Ukraine’s religious life is represented by 55 religious confessions within the framework of which there are 34,000 religious organizations; namely 32,500 religious communities, 82 centers, 246 administrations, 420 monasteries, 333 missions, 74 brotherhoods, 192 religious educational establishments, and 12,700 Sunday schools.

There are 29,400 clergymen in Ukraine. The number of religious printed mass media is constantly increasing and at present constitutes 383 publications.

For public worship, religious organizations use 22,000 religious buildings, or buildings adapted for purposes of worship.

Orthodoxy is the predominant religion in Ukraine. There are 16,758 parishes, which comprise 50 percent of the total number of religious centers of the Ukrainian faithful.

The most numerous among these is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), with 11,610 parishes. At present it has a metropolitan, 40 dioceses, 173 monasteries, 34 brotherhoods, 18 religious educational establishments, 10 missions, 4,112 Sunday schools and 106 periodicals. Eighty-five percent of the Church’s clergy positions are filled.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyiv Patriarchate occupies second place after the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) by the number of its religious organizations (4,135). There is a patriarch, 31 dioceses, 44 monasteries, 26 missions, nine brotherhoods, and 16 religious educational establishments. Church activity is covered by 35 religious periodicals.

The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church has a patriarch, 12 dioceses, six monasteries, seven missions, one brotherhood, seven religious educational establishments, and 301 Sunday schools. The Church’s activity is covered by seven religious periodicals. There are 661 priests in 1,213 religious communities. Today, 70 percent of this Church’s parishes function in the western regions of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has a metropolitan, three exarchates (Kyiv-Vyshhorod, Odesa-Crimea, Donetsk-Kharkiv), 18 dioceses and monastic administrations, 3,685 communities, 102 monasteries, 15 religious educational establishments, 17 missions, two brotherhoods, and 28 periodicals.

The Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine has a metropolitan, 18 dioceses and monastic administrations, 1,060 communities, 91 monasteries, 39 missions, three brotherhoods, eight religious educational establishments, and 571 Sunday schools. There are 541 priests, 251 of whom are foreigners. The Church supports the publication of 14 periodicals.

Protestantism in Ukraine is represented by 10,000 religious communities, which make up 30 percent of the total number of religious organizations in the country. The All-Ukrainian Union of the Association of Evangelical Christian Baptists is one of the most influential and numerous Protestant communities. The structure of the AUAECB is comprised of 2,711 religious organizations: one center, 26 acting regional administrative structures, 93 missions, two brotherhoods, and 42 religious educational establishments, where 6,600 presbyters, deacons, and precentors are trained. There are 3,000 priests in 2,547 communities. The basis of the religious doctrine is taught in 1,419 Sunday schools. There are 15 religious periodicals.

The All-Ukrainian Union of Christians of the Evangelical Faith-Pentecostals occupies second position by number of Protestant religious organizations (1,588). It has one center, 27 regional administrations, 51 missions, two brotherhoods, and 1,525 communities of the faithful. Public worship is carried out by 2,246 priests. Almost 800 future presbyters and deacons study in 16 religious educational establishments. There are 1,006 Sunday schools. The issues of the Church’s development and religious life are covered by 27 periodicals.  

The Ukrainian Union Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists has 1,057 religious organizations; namely, one center, nine regional administrative structures, two missions, four religious educational establishments, one brotherhood and 1,070 communities with 1,218 priests, 768 Sunday schools and nine periodicals.

Religious organizations of charismatic churches function in all regions of Ukraine. The greatest number of these is in Donetsk region (10 percent of the total).

More then 1,500 religious organizations in Ukraine are organized by representatives of national minorities. The followers of Islam have 1,138 organizations. There are 290 organizations of Judaism. The Transcarpathian (Hungarian) Reformed Church has 118 organizations. The German Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Armenian Apostolic Church have 40 and 25 organizations respectively.

There are ethnic-religious communities of Czechs, Goths, Koreans, and Swedes, Karaims and Krymchaks in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and Mennonites in the Kherson and Zaporizhya regions. The majority of national minority religious organizations are located in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

There are 51 Buddhist religious organizations with three centers and 48 communities. They function in 15 regions of Ukraine and in the cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol.