The Shatski Lakes

The country has a wealth of rivers. More than a hundred of them are longer than 100 km. The longest among them are Dnieper, Dnister, Danube, Southern Buh. But even wealthier is Ukraine on its lakes which are over 3000 throughout the country. They are located mostly in the area of Volyn, the Black Sea lowlands and the Crimean Peninsula.

One of the most picturesque lake collections are the Shatski Lakes called “the Blue Eyes of Volyn”. This fascinating water system consists of near 300 lakes. The largest is called Svitiaz. It is bigger than Hungarian Balaton and deeper than the Azov See. It is a pure artesian spring spread on 28 sq. km. Its waters are so clean that you could see a coin on a depth of 12 meters. Svitiaz together with other 22 lakes are a part of the National Nature Park with diverse flora and fauna, warm and tender climate. Everything breathes nothing but pure natural beauty, so that no matter how good a photographer you are, you would hardly convey this feeling of purity in full.
The entire Park area is also known as a SPA-resort providing for resources for therapeutic mud-baths, mineral springs that favor tourism and recreation all year round. In order to preserve the region’s nature resources a special investment policy for the Shatsky National Nature park has been worked out by the state. A favorable climate is being created to attract foreign investments and technologies for refurbishment of the existing medicinal infrastructure, and construction of new facilities such as rest-centers, holiday-homes, tourist campings, etc. on the principles of minimum negative impact on the environment.