Training by means of audio recordings

We got used that training by means of audio recordings is used more often at specialized schools, and also at faculties or courses on learning of foreign language. However today audio recordings gained wider circulation and huge number of listeners, and among them – not only wishing to learn languages.

However, today, a format of audio recordings as means for training is present already far not only at foreign languages, but also in mass of other subjects. It is very effective tool for self-education in the most various spheres, from the same language, to business of training and other.

What the most important in training by means of audio recordings?

• Sound components should not duplicate a text material completely.
• Records to audiocassettes should be provided separately, but thus they also should be connected with a sound material means of references.
• The trainee has the right to solve independently, whether it is necessary for it to hear to a fragment or contents to it is already familiar.
• It is not necessary to allow automatic loading of audio recordings: the imposed soundtrack irritates and tires, and the attention of the listener dissipates.
• If you better developed the visual channel of perception, you should supplement sound perception of a studied material visual, for example, reading the text.

If you are vizualy, that is, the person at which best of all developed exactly the visual perception, useful will supplement also a sound row, reading the text, looking through images, a system thus strong associations at itself in the head.

The training method practically to any subjects by means of audio recordings hardly completely will replace all other methods. The Audialny way is urged to add qualitatively a full complex of actions which you carry out most strongly to acquire a desirable subject. It very much saves your time as the audio recording can listen during long trips in city transport, during walks and in any other places, at any time. For this purpose it is not necessary a special place and other indispensable conditions. Only player and records.