TV show "Mission student. Who wants to study in Ukraine?" - Step to the development of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Ukraine in education

Within the educational Education in Ukraine project press conference in Baku, devoted to start of a youth TV show «Mission the Student on November 13 took place. Who wants to study in Ukraine?», in which pupils of 10-11 classes of various Azerbaijani schools take part.

The format of youth show for acquaintance to educational system of Ukraine was chosen not casually. The modern world dynamically develops, and habitual methods of the report of information lose the urgency. To inform people serious things sometimes it is necessary to change a giving corner to interest the person and to help it to reflect on something important.

The show purpose – to draw attention of youth to a subject of the higher education, to show, how important to be trained and develop to realize the potential. Thanks to an unusual format of show inhabitants of Azerbaijan learn about training possibilities in Ukraine, will get acquainted with culture of the country, and also see that any person can become the participant of show and acquire the right to training in a higher educational institution of Ukraine.

During press conference founders of show slightly opened a curtain of idea of the project and shared the impressions of collaboration process, told about importance of such show for change of the relation of the audience to training possibilities abroad, increases of the status of the higher education.

Representatives of state authorities of both countries told about importance of this project for cooperation development between the countries in educational branch, possibilities of the higher education in Ukraine, practice of work with foreign students and prospects which reveal before youth of Azerbaijan.

On November 17 on ATV TV channel translation of our show «Mission the student» which should become a new mark of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Ukraine will begin. The television project is a part of a state program of Ukraine of "Education in Ukraine" which task consists in promoting of the Ukrainian education abroad. It is possible to declare safely that implementation of such project is one more step to a comprehensive approach of development of already existing agreements in the educational sphere between two countries.