Ukrainian System of Qualifications

The Ukrainian educational system is recognized by UNESCO, UNO, and other influential international organizations.

The Ukrainian educational system is recognized by UNESCO, UNO, and other influential international organizations. Ukraine has a staged system of academic and qualification levels, which complies with the respective systems of most developed countries. Yet, the Ukrainian system has some specifics.

As in most countries, Ukrainian higher education is divided into three academic stages or cycles. The first cycle spans 3-4 years and ends in the qualification degree of Bachelor. The second cycle is actually two-stage: Specialist (1-1.5 years of study) and Master (1-2 years). The student is free to choose an academic program. This choice depends on the educational system of the country in which this student intends to make his or her professional career. The fact that the second academic cycle has two qualification stages is easily explained if one recalls that traditionally the period of study at a university or an institute lasted 5-5.5 years and resulted in the qualification degree of Specialist awarded to the graduate. Since bearers of Specialist diplomas are still in demand on Ukraine’s market, this qualification degree is retained in the Ukrainian system of qualification degrees. There are many higher educational institutions in Ukraine offering its applicants such academic programs. It is up to you to choose.

The third academic cycle takes three or more years, as in most other countries. To pass this cycle, you need to complete a postgraduate education program at a higher educational institution or a research establishment, and defend a research work or thesis. This cycle is crowned with the academic degree of Candidate of Sciences, which is equivalent to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), the academic degree widely recognized in the world. Many foreign students prefer to take a postgraduate course of study in Ukraine.

Now Ukraine is expected to introduce a national qualifications framework adapted to the European model. In addition, the list of areas of expertise and specializations for bachelors and masters is also being brought into compliance with international practice. Currently, Ukrainian institutions of higher learning train specialists in 77 areas. There are also 400 specialization fields for bachelors and masters in Ukraine.

Bachelors are trained at educational institutions of the 2nd through 4th accreditation levels. The 2-nd accreditation level is awarded to colleges. The educational institutions authorized to award the qualifications of specialist and master are of the 3rd and 4th levels only. These are universities, academies, and institutes.