In what countries diplomas of Ukrainian higher education institutions are recognized?

With Ukrainian the diploma you can begin professional activity or continue training in any country of the world. Ukraine together with other states works over simplification of procedure of recognition of documents on education.

The country is the member of the Hague convention on the simplified procedure of legalization of documents, and also the Lisbon convention on recognition of qualifications of the higher education in the European region.

For recognition of the Ukrainian diplomas the corresponding bilateral agreements were signed. So, for example, agreements on recognition of the diplomas received in Ukraine, were signed with France, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Hungary, the People's Republic of China, Poland, Mongolia, Romania, Estonia, and also with Russia and many countries of the former Soviet Union, in particular, with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan etc.

Ukraine and 44 more states also are members of the Lisbon convention. Its action extends on the countries of Europe. Besides, such countries already joined it, as Australia, Belarus, Israel, Kazakhstan, Canada and the USA. This document promotes considerable simplification, and also unification of procedure of recognition of diplomas in each separate participating country.

According to the Lisbon convention on recognition the ENIC-NARIC Network network - the European network of national information centers by the academic recognition and mobility was created. This network consists of 55 information centers in 55 states. Since 2011 the National information center of the academic mobility works and in Ukraine. These international centers accelerate work of each other, operatively communicating concerning policy and practice of national recognition of foreign qualifications, a national education system, information on training abroad, labor migration, etc. Information exchange essentially accelerates procedure of recognition of documents on education.

Within Bologna Process foreign HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS recognize diplomas of the Ukrainian higher educational institutions, according to the signed interuniversity agreements.

So, for example, the East Ukrainian national university of V. Dahl in Lugansk cooperates with Aakhensky university in Germany. And the Kiev national trade and economic university has the same agreements with several Higher education institutions of France.