What gives the diploma of the expert?

The majority of the students having the higher education, possess educational and qualifying level "expert". More often training according to this program occupies a year and a half and "bachelor" is conducted on the basis of already received diploma of level.

The education system of Ukraine put possibility to receive the bachelor's degree in one higher education institution, say, at the Kiev national economic university, and on the expert will be learned already in other, for example, at the Kiev polytechnical university.

The diploma of the expert at employment is the most universal option for employment of the average Ukrainian worker. In the directory of qualifying characteristics it is suitable practically for all positions, beginning from the accounting assistant, and finishing the chairman of the board. Main is a profile education on a post.

The diploma of the expert has also the minuses. So, in case of departure abroad your diploma in the majority случав will be equated to level of local colleges. The matter is that in Europe and the USA in principle there is no such concept as "expert". The standard system in the countries of Europe and North America: the bachelor's degree is level of college, and the diploma of the master – university level. Though not isolated cases of recognition of the Ukrainian diploma of the expert at level of the diploma of the master in other countries. It depends on the passable program, volume of each of the studied disciplines and persistence of the competitor. But nevertheless we recommend before a choice of the program of the second cycle: the expert or the master to weigh everything pros and cons, considering features of an education system of the country where you are going to continue training or to begin labor activity.