What is the migration card

The migration card is a document which testifies that the student crossed border of Ukraine legally.

It is the obligatory document for further registration of the student and, therefore, is very important document. Without the migration card in the territory of Ukraine it is impossible to issue registration.

The migration card stands out the personnel of the plane (train) during flight (trip). Besides, forms of migration cards can be received before passing of passport control at the airport or if the student reaches in a different way, it is direct when crossing border of Ukraine.

The filled migration card is represented to the employee of a border service,
which checks the data brought in it, puts in it marks about date of crossing of border and brings the relevant data in an electronic database.

Before leaving a control zone, it is important to check that you received the part of the immigration card with a mark about entrance date. It is very important to keep the migration card before departure from Ukraine.