What is necessary to make Ukrainian diploma recognized in other countries?

Procedure of recognition is regulated by exclusively domestic legislation of the country in which you plan to continue training or to begin professional activity.

Thus, procedure of recognition of the diploma received in Ukraine, will depend on the country of its presentation, specialty, recognition – continuation of training or professional activity is more whole. Information on recognition procedure in the country chosen by you is better for learning in advance, till departure from Ukraine. But there is a number of standard rules which precisely should be executed.

That the document on the education, received in Ukraine, was valid for territories of other country, it is necessary to undergo procedure of its legalization.

If the country where you gather on the higher education institutions termination, is the participant of the Hague convention, the Ukrainian diploma needs to be assured an apostille of Ministry of education of Ukraine. It also is the so-called simplified procedure of legalization. And it universal for all participating countries of the Hague convention.

If the country is not the participant of this agreement, the diploma it is necessary легализировать in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. higher education institutions help graduates to legalize papers about education properly.

Actually legalization and an apostille confirm legitimacy of the diploma issued to you when using it outside of Ukraine.

This process is regulated by the domestic legislation of the country, the international agreements or the Lisbon convention.