Born in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country which has given the world many prominent figures world who proved themselves in different branches of science and technology, culture and art. However, the thorny history Ukraine, i.e. its many years under the rule of other countries and empires, meant that their names were often suppressed or associated with other nations where they achieved glory. The role of some figures in Ukrainian history is, even in Ukrainian society, perceived ambiguously. The achievements and works of many of them are remembered and rethought only now.

Nationality or place of birth are not serving as criteria of selection for this section. During millenniums, people of different origins were living here. The country always behaved hospitably toward its visitors, and works of those who lived in Ukraine. We are making an attempt to tell you about personalities whose live, in one way or another, was related to Ukraine, and whose example modern Ukrainians can follow.


Civilization Catalysts


Culture Luminaries


Historical Figures