On purpose to raise professional level and to fill up the luggage of knowledge, it is very important to attend various training events and lectures. But that should give particular attention on occupations that training became effective and useful?


On September, 23 2012 a project presentation “Education system of Ukraine” has been presented atInternational Educational Exhibition “A2 FallKazakhstanFair”, organized with the help of the Ministry ofEducation and Science in Kazakhstan.


Codes of countries of the CIS and their capitals


Code of the country


Code of the city





To make international calls, you need to:

dial “0”;
wait for the continuous signal;
dial “0” again (international exit);
dial the country code;
dial the city code;
dial the local phone number.

* There are no city codes in some countries. In such case, you need to dial the phone number right after the country code.

For example:
To call a subscriber in San Francisco (USA), you need to dial:
0 – 0 – 1 – 415 – XXXXXXX, where
0 – 0 – international exit;
1 – USA country code;
415 – San Francisco code; XXXXXXX – phone number of the subscriber.



Emergency Services


Fire Department


Police (Militsia)


Municipal First Aid/Ambulance Service


Gas emergency