Georgia, Tbilisi, from November 4 to November 10 within the Education in Ukraine project passed presentations of the Ukrainian higher education.


The Education in Ukraine project presentation, successfully passed in a framework of the international educational A2 Fall Kazakhstan Fair exhibition, in Astana and Almaty, at the end of September. One of features of this project is unique possibility to get free higher education in leading higher education institutions of Ukraine to the Kazakhstan school students.


For what purpose receive second higher education? On what specialties? Whether there are age restrictions? What is the time it can be demanded for study? What form of education? Whether the first specialty is important? Whether it is possible to study according to the individual program?


Here to your attention are 10 useful steps which will help you to make choice about profession and receipt in one of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.


Interesting question how to make preparation for examinations of the most effective and to hand over long-awaited session on everything the five.


It is not easy to entrant to orient in variety of educational institutions, the forms of education, offered programs and specialties enough. The problem of a choice remains actual for many.


Within the educational Education in Ukraine project press conference in Baku, devoted to start of a youth TV show «Mission the Student on November 13 took place. Who wants to study in Ukraine?», in which pupils of 10-11 classes of various Azerbaijani schools take part.


Ukraine has agreements in force with Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Israel about free movement of citizens of the countries - participants of these agreements without necessity of obtaining visas.


For training in Ukraine the following documents are required...