To Ukraine for Study!

The foreign citizens, wishing to get education in Ukraine, should come on training by the HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION invitation.


The purpose of the Top-200 Ukraina project is granting authentic, and the main thing – objective information on quality of offered educational services by Higher education institutions of Ukraine.


With the Ukrainian diploma you can be engaged in professional activity or continue your training in any country of the world.


Now to the students who have received diplomas of the engineer or the doctor in Ukraine, it is simpler to find a job in Germany in the specialty.


In May, 2012 in Embassy of Ukraine in Gosudarstvea Israel the meeting of the First deputy the Minister of Education and Science, youth and Evgeny Sulima's sports with the chairman of the Commission of education, culture and sports of Israel by Alex Miller took place.


In July, 2012 the meeting of the first deputy the Minister of Education and Science, youth and sports of Ukraine of Evgeny Sulima from the attache on university and scientific cooperation of Embassy of France in Ukraine Guillaume Colin took place.


Development and formation of remote education in Ukraine began much later, than in the majority of the countries of Europe and was from the very beginning compelled to overcome such difficulties.


The basic rules of reception of foreign students for study in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Ukraine are established at the state level and strictly caused by the country legislation.


Here are the most important and useful resourses.


The other facts in favor of Ukrainian institutions of higher learning as the destination for an education include the venerable age of the country’s leading universities and the credibility and achievements of Ukrainian research schools in various fields of knowledge.