To Ukraine for Study!

With Ukrainian the diploma you can begin professional activity or continue training in any country of the world. Ukraine together with other states works over simplification of procedure of recognition of documents on education.


Procedure of recognition is regulated by exclusively domestic legislation of the country in which you plan to continue training or to begin professional activity.


In spite of the fact that is closer to the bachelor degree termination, the majority of students are perplexed, what program to choose, undoubtedly the word "master" in the summary more beautifully and convincingly, than "expert", certainly, looks.


Training on the bachelor lasts no more than 4 years on stationary form of education and no more than 5 years - on correspondence. The bachelor's degree is considered basic higher education.


The majority of the students having the higher education, possess educational and qualifying level "expert". More often training according to this program occupies a year and a half and "bachelor" is conducted on the basis of already received diploma of level.


At present the higher school of Ukraine totals more than 966 educational institutions I-IV of levels of accreditation. From them 670 — it schools, technical schools, colleges, academies and institutes, and 339 — universities. 82 Ukrainian higher education institutions have the status of the national.


On June 8, 2012 the Minister an obrazovaniiya and sciences, youth and sports of Ukraine Dmitry Tabachnik reported that the State order for training of specialists scientific and pedagogical, personnel, on professional development and retraining of personnel (postdegree education) in 2012 became the biggest for years of independence of Ukraine. The statement was made during consideration of questions to the government in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


On September 17, 1997 the Cabinet of Ukraine the Resolution No. 1021 «About improvement of the Order of providing medical care to foreign citizens who temporarily are in the territory of Ukraine» was accepted.


Every year to higher educational institutions of Ukraine come to study more and more foreign students. According to data of the Ministry of Education and Science, youth and sports of Ukraine, the annual gain of foreign students makes 10 %, and as a whole in the Ukrainian HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS about 48 thousand students from other countries study.


The minister of science and education, youth and sports of Ukraine Dmitry Tabachnik during time прямойго air reported that in 2012 the order of the Ministry of Education, a science, youth and sports of Ukraine according to which all higher educational institutions of Ukraine are obliged to issue now to graduates the loose leaf to the diploma of the European sample was issued.