How to receive the invitation for training in Ukraine

The invitation to study is the official document which prepares department of passport and visa services of Ukraine.

It has all lawful bases and confirms that the student is admitted to this university and can make entrance on the territory of the country for receiving the corresponding educational services.

In the invitation passport data of the student and a full name of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION are specified. It is necessary to provide this document in Embassy of Ukraine, for the purpose of receipt of a visa.

As a whole, preparation of the invitation to training passes the Ministry of Internal Affairs and takes about 45 days.

This document is valid within 90 days, beginning from date of its delivery.

During period of validity of the invitation to training, it is necessary to submit the application to Embassy of Ukraine with a visa request for extradition.

To receive the invitation letter on training, you should send the following documents and data to the international department of the chosen HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION:

• the statement in a form;
• photocopy of the first two pages of your passport;
• a surname, a name (according to writing in the national passport);
• date of birth;
• passport number;
• nationality;
• place of residence;
• country of receipt of a visa.

Documents can be directed by mail, a fax or on an e-mail. After term of consideration of your documents the invitation letter will be sent you.

Also, you should find out all details connected with receipt of a visa, in Posolstveo Ukrainy in your country.

Obtaining the invitation letter will take from you about 75 days therefore we recommend to you it is recommended to direct all documents no later than 3 months to the corresponding term.