Banking system. Ukrainian Banks

Development of a banking system of Ukraine occurs smoothly, but surely already for many years. New banks open and assets of already existing ones extand replenishing with the foreign capital.

Supervises a banking system of Ukraine its principal organ – National bank of Ukraine (NBU). Main "rules of the game" in the market of financial services are established to them. Also NBU is engaged in issue of monetary units and exchange rate.

Today in Ukraine are 176 operating commercial banks with total amount of assets of 1106 billion UAH. The largest are 20 of them: PrivatBank, Oshchadbank, Ukreksimbank, Rayffayzen bank of Aval, Prominvestbank, Ukrsotsbank, VTB Bank, PUMB, the Delta Bank, Ukrsibbank, Alfa Bank, Nadra Bank, Finance and the Credit, Brokbusinessbank, OTP Bank, Ukrgazbank, Sberbank of Russia (Ukraine), VAB Bank, Creditprombank, and also _NG Ukraine Bank.

The sum of authorized capital for commercial banks at present is at level of 75 million UAH. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine already registered the bill of increase of authorized capital to 500 million UAH.

Reduction of total of commercial banks in Ukraine, and respectively and the improvement of quality, services provided by them becomes result of similar reform.

So, in the Ukrainian banks you can pay study, utilities, to take the credit or to open the deposit, to make currency transactions and transactions. At your order a large quantity of the banking institutions, capable to satisfy inquiries of all and everyone.

In case of emergency or questions concerning activity of banks, you can always count on the help of National bank of Ukraine: