How to be prepared for exams quickly ?

It is necessary to hand over examinations though it is not frequent, but it is regular, and it always labor-consuming and quite disturbing process. As it is correct to organize the school hours – a question on which know the answer only units. Let's try answer it.

• What to learn?
• How to learn?
• And if it is necessary to learn at all?

What to learn?

Before starting to learn something, it is necessary to decide on sources which you will use. Usually or everything is a lot of and to learn information is simply unreal, or it is not enough of it.

In the first case it is necessary to choose from a set of textbooks one or two and after reading to draw a conclusion what exactly you understood from the foregoing. If there is a possibility to use video audio materials, use them as they are better remembered and take less time for studying.

How to learn?

It too rather serious question. Whether you are going «to steep in study», will sit in library or take the abstract «to esteem in transport» – efficiency and quality learned will cardinally differ. To remember information, the quiet situation and "open" consciousness is necessary. It was necessary to be defined, what conditions for you the most comfortable and accepted. After that it is possible to start preparation for examination.

Whether it is necessary to learn at all?

To some such question can seem to the silly. But everything depends on that you call the word "learn". For many the word "learn" is a synonym to the word "cram", let even they do not reflect on it. During preparation the material needs be not to "crammed" mechanically, and to remember and understand. And it is important!

So, having reserved by these simple bases of knowledge and understanding of an essence of things, you can «easily set yourselves» for study and successfully pass the future examination.