How to pass a session "perfectly"?

Interesting question how to make preparation for examinations of the most effective and to hand over long-awaited session on everything the five.

First, the best friend of the student excellent pupil is a healthy nutrition and high-grade food. That knowledge went in on shelves, and the brain worked for all 100 %, during session and the more so preparations for it it is necessary to observe principles of a healthy food.

Also do not forget about a day regimen! Try to sleep not less than 8 hours per day. After all actively to prepare for examinations, the organism should be restored properly.

From the very beginning of preparation for examinations, how many to time remained before session, estimate scale of work and make the schedule of your occupations. He will help you to be engaged rationally and most effectively.

And, certainly, be adjusted on a positive. Even if something will go not how you would want that, it yet an occasion to panic. From any situation always there is an exit, remember it!