How to Enroll?

It is necessary to hand over examinations though it is not frequent, but it is regular, and it always labor-consuming and quite disturbing process. As it is correct to organize the school hours – a question on which know the answer only units. Let's try answer it.


Examination – time to show the skills and abilities to the maximum. Any trifle, and even what you are going to go to answer is important here.


10 simple councils how to receive the treasured student ID card, having avoided the excessive excitements, essential monetary and temporary losses.


In the world more than 500 000 000 people use Skype for exchange of information, for communication and for remote education. Statistically, the collected Harris Interactive, more than 80 % of Americans study foreign languages through Skype. And here the Gemius company found out that in Europe about 30 % of people study foreign languages with tutors.


Result of receiving the higher education should, undoubtedly be the guaranteed employment upon termination of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. This criterion is the main thing for the majority of students and entrants.


The invitation to study is the official document which prepares department of passport and visa services of Ukraine.


Ukrainian law grants the right to enter any Ukrainian institution of higher learning to foreign nationals and stateless persons if the selected institution provides educational services to foreigners.