Tourist Attractions

If you decide to study the country by traveling, reserve some time, patience and get right in the way!


What is the age of humanity? This question has long been asked by historians and archeologists. And every educated person is being curious about the subject. Archeological findings suggest that the age of Homo Sapiens varies. The historical science, however, while talking about the “conscious” history of mankind use written chronicles left by our ancestors thousands years ago.


The Dnieper hills are dominated by the greatest monument of Kyiv, the Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra, built almost a thousand years ago. A complex of churches, masterpieces of architecture by themselves, has been a holy place of worship, second Jerusalem for most Orthodox Christians.


Kyiv’s Sophia has been called by scientists a perfect example of the synthesis of art, its thirteen gorgeous golden domes nicely blending with the city skyline. The Cathedral was built in XI c. by Prince Yaroslav the Wise in the years of Kyiv Rus prosperity, culture, and innovative growth.